1. Movies I watched, May’s end, 2012:

    It’s June 1st, so let’s review the rest of the films I watched in May:

    1. **”Battleship" 8/10 [I think this film was a sincere tribute to the Navy, giving them the greatest possible threat they could ever face (technologically advanced alien beings) and having them conquer it in a solid-paced, action-packed blockbuster. Not to mention, the ensemble writing pays off with memorable characters.]
    2. **”Men in Black III" 6.75/10 [The writing is a little bare for a ten-year wait for this pic. Still, Griffin and Boris are new standouts while Brolin’s young Agent K steals the show. Also, it’s genuinely funny and the action beats are solid. Enjoyable enough to give it a look and remember why we liked the MIB in the first place.]
    3. The Notebook" 7/10 [Resolution was quick and faulty (what happened w/ the fiancĂ©e? the father?), but it was nearly exactly what I came to expect from all the hype in the past 8 years. And in that regard, it’s a nice piece of sweet, generic romance.]
    4. Edward Scissorhands" 8/10 (Re-Review) [Tim Burton’s lower-budget, still-rookie execution has its seams, but the subtext on suburbia and outcasts is too strong in this modern (now period) fable to hold it against it.]
    5. An American Haunting" 4.5/10 [Some of the creative horror choices were solid. But overall, this film adds up to nothing more than average, with a pseudo-twist to boot. Personally, it’s disappointing that this is all there was to the story. Donald Sutherland is the genuine star of the show here…strong performance.]