1. Why am I a fan of Joss Whedon? ‘cuz he smart as hell, foo.

    Forbes: “Is the “Buffy” reboot still a possibility or is it fully dead?”

    Joss: “Honestly, I’m not really tracking it. My feeling is it’s good and it honors what “Buffy” set out to do, then that’s great, and if it’s bad, then it will probably make me look cooler. So it’s kind of a win-win.”


  2. Le Cap

  3. "ASSEMBLE THE ULTIMATE PROTECTION," brought to you by Norton.

    Wondering just how ambitious “The Avengers” really is? Let’s recap over the past five years, and how well-shaped this huge blockbuster was from the floor up.

    [“I still believe in heroes.” -Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.]

  4. In my opinion, one of the best shots I’ve seen yet. This shot hooked me…and convinced me that Cap’s uniform may not be so out-of-place after all.

    (Source: fuckyeah-avengers, via fyeahsuperheroes)

  5. Avengers…ASSEMBLE!!!

    [The money shot of the new extended Super Bowl teaser.]

  6. The extended “Avengers” Super Bowl trailer is online…and any geek will shit themselves after this.

  7. Those badass motherfuckers. I swear, “The Avengers” is going to open huge on opening weekend because all of these promotional materials are completely iconic, bold, powerful, and smart.


  8. EDITORIAL: Mark Julian’s take on the “Leviathan,” as well as the “alien race” of “The Avengers”

    Mark Julian (or Graphic City as his moniker) is a contributor to ComicBookMovie.com, one of my favorite sites online. I found one of his articles, discussing the “mysterious” Leviathan prop/placeholder on the set of “The Avengers,” which has been the source of much speculation amongst fanboys as of late.

    Is it a Kree/Skrull spaceship? Is it a beast? Is it a Hulk stand-in? Something else?

    According to Julian, it’s a sea-monster.

    Yes, that is correct…a sea-monster.

    Don’t believe me? I didn’t believe either…until I read deeper into his article, his speculation, and…well, I’m convinced. At least enough to give some weight to his idea…and enough to also post it on here to let the rumor mill also give weight to it.

    Enjoy the article! Reblog and discuss ;)

  9. Gentlemen…you’re up.

    [By the way, “The Avengers” officially WILL be in 3D. And I’ll wait to see it a second time in 3D…]