1. Marvel: Phase Two preview provided directly from Marvel Studios on the new “The Avengers” Phase One Box Set.

  2. "ASSEMBLE THE ULTIMATE PROTECTION," brought to you by Norton.

    Wondering just how ambitious “The Avengers” really is? Let’s recap over the past five years, and how well-shaped this huge blockbuster was from the floor up.

    [“I still believe in heroes.” -Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.]

  3. One of the best reasons to watch the new “Avengers” film: Joss Whedon’s interpretation of the Hulk, who has not yet been subject of his own successful, acclaimed film like other members of the team. He’s been long deserving of his due, and I trust no one else but Whedon to bring him vividly to the screen.

    Also, each of those other Hulk films had lower budgets: the 2003 film had $130M, while the 2008 film had $150M. Now we can finally see Hulk in his full big-budget glory by mixing him in with other proven names in a $220M production.

    I’m telling you…as far as franchise-building, Marvel are fucking geniuses.

    (Source: fuckyeah-avengers, via nerdpride)

  4. Those badass motherfuckers. I swear, “The Avengers” is going to open huge on opening weekend because all of these promotional materials are completely iconic, bold, powerful, and smart.


  5. EDITORIAL: Mark Julian’s take on the “Leviathan,” as well as the “alien race” of “The Avengers”

    Mark Julian (or Graphic City as his moniker) is a contributor to ComicBookMovie.com, one of my favorite sites online. I found one of his articles, discussing the “mysterious” Leviathan prop/placeholder on the set of “The Avengers,” which has been the source of much speculation amongst fanboys as of late.

    Is it a Kree/Skrull spaceship? Is it a beast? Is it a Hulk stand-in? Something else?

    According to Julian, it’s a sea-monster.

    Yes, that is correct…a sea-monster.

    Don’t believe me? I didn’t believe either…until I read deeper into his article, his speculation, and…well, I’m convinced. At least enough to give some weight to his idea…and enough to also post it on here to let the rumor mill also give weight to it.

    Enjoy the article! Reblog and discuss ;)


  6. For those fans that love the Marvel movies, but get confused with their inside jokes…this pretty much lists them all off.

    Get ready to meet the Captain on Friday!